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Smiths' Hairdressers  Rebrand

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Smiths' Design Brief: Author Ollie Johns

Poster and print design for smiths bromley

Rebrand for Smiths' Hairdressers Bromley. 

The goal for this design brief (link above) was to convey a strong ethical approach and personality to reflect a switch to vegan only products without coming across trend based or alienating current clients while implying high end status and introducing a wider market. Smiths' outlined being a hairdresser first with strong ethical values. Therefore it did not mean that the aesthetic side of the branding needed to look ‘vegan’  

In the previous logo an apostrophe was not used, which in its rightful place before the ‘s’ would imply ownership of the Salon by one person. However the team and clients combined are what makes smiths' so the apostrophe has been brought in after the ‘S’ to denote plural ownership. 

Smiths is an ethically conscious, high end, modern salon specialising in classic beauty. 

“I just wanted to say that re branding on Smiths Hairdressers in Chatterton Road is fantastic. I live near Chatterton Road so caught the shopfront impact walking up on Saturday. I had heard about the new branding a while ago but I had not appreciated that it would be such a great change. ”

— Yvonne Mantle

The typeface for the design of the logo employs characteristics of all these focus points. It is both clean/modern and classic/elegant at the same time but also wouldn’t look out of place embossed on vegetable crates. 

Bearing in mind the ethical direction Smith's have chosen to take it became apparent that they are equal parts compassion and passion for their craft. From this the two were were joined creating the tagline Compassion.

This project involved research, concept creation, logo design, design for print, web design and consultation on an ongoing basis. 

Please check out Smith's Hairdressers at www.smithshairdressers.com

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Lesley Leale Green Rebrand

Areas Covered: Branding, Web Design, Digital Design and Design for Print.

Lesley Leale Green Design Brief: Author Ollie Johns

Poster and print design for smiths bromley