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I offer thoroughly researched, effective branding and graphic design from startups to large businesses all over the UK.

Just starting out? I can't encourage beginning your new business with strong branding enough! But if that's really not what you're looking for I offer logo design for startups that will get you headed in the right direction. The logo is the first impression of your brand after all.

My Services


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An important investment worth every penny! The personality of your brand reflected visually in order to emotionally engage your chosen (or new) market. An in-depth process of competition and market research, problem solving and design to identify the most efficient visual solution for your brand. Logo design is a very small (but important) part of your branding. Everything should say 'your brand'. From corporate identity and design for email marketing down to your stationery! Start-up or new venture? Get in contact! Considering a rebrand? Let's talk! Unsure whether you need one? Did you design your own? You probably do :p - get in touch!


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The first design stage for most start-ups. Your logo is the signature of your brand — first impressions count! Your logo should be as simple as possible and must be instantly memorable. People will only look at a logo for a few seconds!


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Got the above sorted but no idea where to go next? Digital marketing is paramount these days but by no means does that mean print is any less necessary! Whether you need brochure design for print or digital campaign I will make sure the design work speaks for you. Flyer, leaflet or full editorial design for a magazine or book I will get you where you need to go!


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If you're a small to medium sized business or start up (unless you require specific functionality tailored to your needs e.g CRM integration) then the likelihood you need bespoke web design is slim. Just look at this site ;) I take fully customisable templates and strip them back. I then rebuild the site from scratch (in half the time) after consultation on what you need from a website; customising with code where the template gives limitations. This will save you a fortune on unnecessary web development charges. Full SEO checks and fully responsive web design for mobile & tablet browsing.

Bespoke web design and development now available

See below for HTML Email Design and bespoke app design / development

For the quick scrollers... graphic design for digital and print / branding / rebranding / logo design / email design and marketing / app design and development / consultation / bespoke web design / business stationery / business card design / print marketing / brochure design / flyer design / poster design / Annual reports / infographics

If you don't see what you're looking for please get in contact to discuss.

Email design in Bromley London

HTML Email Design

You know those flashy email marketing campaigns you get —

yeah those —  It’s a given that initial visual impact is key to a successful marketing campaign so hook them in like a magpie and throw those boring plain text emails in the bin. HTML emails make it far more convenient for your customer quickly pick out content relevant to their needs, lessening the risk of your hard work going straight for the trash. 

80% of professionals indicate that email marketing is their top driver of customer retention!

email design in bromley london

If you want to create more engaging communications then get in touch, we can deliver responsive email design that works across all email platforms so your communications look their best, even on mobile!

Sent a plain text email but no idea how it performed? We can help you understand how to get the most from your emails whilst taking into account best practices to make sure your email reaches as many people as possible. We will track your marketing emails in detail so you can see if your customers are engaging in the way you intended - helping you understand how the customer has reached your site from your email, down to the button they clicked on.

If you’d like to talk to us about getting your message heard through email marketing or just want to compliment our hair have a little click on the button. Cheers!


App Design

How can an app benefit you brand?

  • Apps allow you to be visible to your customers at all times
  • They allow you to create a direct marketing channel
  • They build on brand recognition and aid in consumer engagement
  • Who out of your competition has one? Probably none

We now offer TWO routes for app design to suit your budget!

Traditional Mobile App Design

The traditional mobile app works across all platforms and will be built with the latest modern technologies to ensure great User Experience. 

The front-end would be built with React Native + Redux. React Native is Facebook's mobile version of their popular Javascript library React.js, which is great for building fast and efficient websites/apps with a high-end user experience. It has been used to build popular mobile apps by companies such as Instagram, Facebook, and Airbnb.

The back-end would be built using Amazon Web Services, a highly scalable infrastructure that only charges you for what you use, so you don't end up overpaying for hosting services. As your business grows, so will the resources, to ensure you don't hit memory limits and have 0% downtime. This can all be managed in a billing dashboard with alerts to avoid bill shock.

The downside of taking the traditional mobile app path is that you will have two sources to administrate and maintain (website & mobile app), this can lead to inconsistencies across the two and higher support costs. The upside is that it can have a more of a native app feel to it.

Progressive Web App Design

PWAs are suggested by some as the replacement for mobile apps. You build one application that becomes both your website and your mobile app. PWAs also have great features such as the ability to work offline, easier to update than native apps and can be shared via a URL without complex installation procedures.

The front-end would be built with React + Redux without the need to use a mobile library such as React Native. 

The back-end would be the same as the traditional mobile app.

The upside to a PWA is you'll be able to manage all of your apps in one place (products, purchases, customers etc.) Receive reports on your whole network of customers on all platforms and also lower support costs.

By 2020 6.1 billion people will use smartphones leading to an even heavier dependence on apps in everyday life! They're not just for the big brands anymore

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help your brand grow with an app then clicky clicky.